Tuesday, May 17, 2011

At first sight ...DSAI is unbound and legally free.

بسم الله الر حمن الر حيم

The Malaysian High Court has ordered the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to face trial on sodomy charges and the defence and prosecution have been battling  at  first sight ...DSAI is unbound and legally free .
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This morning the court has ordered him to defend allegations that he sodomised a personal assistant in 2008 .
Prima facie is a concept used by the related fields of law and academic . While both fields are rooted in a common corpus of argumentation theory, they utilize prima facie differently. In law, prima facie is a broad-based concept that refers to cases, arguments, and evidence. Currently, in academic , prima facie is more narrowly utilized, usually referring to affirmative cases only.
In the field of legal theory, however, prima facie is not a ritualistic synonym for a good case but rather a broad-based concept that applies to cases, arguments, and evidence.
"At first sight; on the first appearance; on the face of it; so far as can be judged from the first disclosure; presumably; a fact presumed to be true unless disproved by some evidence to the contrary"
The confusion often centers around de facto assignment of presumption to the negative team labeled "artificial presumption,"
Justly waiting the verdicts !!

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